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Only days after retrieving a swarm from a house in Kitchener, I was emailed by the principal of Lexington Public School in Waterloo. There was a swarm of bees hanging in a tree in the school yard. After work, my friend Mike and I went out to the school to retrieve them.

We used a standard deep Langstroth hive box with pieces of plywood on top and bottom to capture the bees. There was a 1¼” hole in the box to use as an entrance. After the bees were in the box, we left them until dusk with a big sign that said “Caution. Live bees. Do not disturb.” I also wrote my phone number in case anyone had any questions or concerns.

After nightfall, Mike picked up the box and transferred them to a new top bar hive, where they are now happily setting up their new home.

Swarms in your area?

If you have stumbled upon a swarm of honeybees in your neighbourhood, please contact me. I will do my best to help them find a safe home.