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Having tried several times to find a true mead at the LCBO (and failing), last month I decided to purchase some mead from Munro’s Meadery in Alvinston, Ontario. The online ordering system does not incorporate shipping costs, so it was a bit pricey ($73 for 3 bottles) to order online. Needless to say, I’ll be saving these for special occasions. Pictured below are my three bottles: Black Currant MelomelSweet Mead and Mead.

Three bottles of mead


Today I help my friend Geoff build his top bar hive. Here are a few quick photos from the build.
Plywood and wood

Top bar hive follower boards

Top Bar Hive

Friends of mine were recently on their honeymoon and staying at The Peninsula hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. They sent me this awesome picture of a frame of honeycomb set up at the breakfast buffet. Can’t get more fresh than that!

Frame of honey at breakfast buffet

Full Honey Frame

This is the first frame of honey that I ever removed from my hive. Special thanks to the thousands of little ladies that have made this possible. Yum!


Enjoying the afternoon outside and nailing together some frames. 30 down, 30 to go.