I received an email last week from my local association secretary. He has asked to pass along a message for anyone experiencing dead bees in their apiary.

If you know of any beekeepers that are experiencing honeybee mortality with bees dying in front of the hive entrance or on the ground in front of colonies, it may be due to instances of pesticide use in your area. It is quite important that all instances of this type of hive loss are documented. There have been some reports of these losses early this season. The Ministry of Environment and the Pest Management Regulatory Agency are looking into these reports. The federal PMRA is interested in having all incidents documented.

If you are experiencing such losses in your colonies, please keep a detailed log of the losses and contact your local apiary inspector. If you are in Ontario, here is a list of local bee inspectors. If you’re outside Ontario, please contact your beekeeping association for contact information related to hive inspections.