[vimeo https://vimeo.com/69481804 w=700]

Bees and science both fascinate me, but when the two are combined, my fascination turns into amazement. The above video shows how bees react in two different situations – first when both bees have their left antennae clipped off, and secondly when they have their right antennae clipped.

In the first part of the video (in the petri dish labelled “2”) the bees are shown embracing and swapping mouth-to-mouth fluids because they are from the same hive and recognize this by using their remaining right antennae. In the second part of the video (in the dish labelled “1”) bees who only have left antennae square off the same way that they would if they were from competing hives. This indicates that the right antennae is being used to determine if a stranger honeybee is friend or foe!

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