Man and woman in a moon

Honeymoons are commonly known as the time period following a wedding where a bride and groom spend time together. Often the newlyweds will travel together and spend anywhere from a few days to a few weeks enjoying each other’s company. But where does the term “honeymoon” come from?

According to my sources, the term Honeymoon originates in Europe and refers to the time after a marriage where the newlyweds are sent off for a full lunar month (one moon) with a large supply of mead given by the bride’s father. Mead is one of the earliest forms of alcohol and is made by fermenting honey and water; similar to wine.

The French term for “Honeymoon” is “Lune de miel” which is literally “Moon of honey”.

Now I wish that I had been given a month’s worth of mead for my honeymoon. Time to make a phone call to my father-in-law.