A picture of a Facebook web pageLike us on Facebook! (I never thought I’d ever write that. So it goes.)

I have just created a new page on Facebook devoted to Beekeeping in Ontario as a companion to this blog.

Post your photos, articles, questions and ideas on the facebook page and then share the page with your friends. I will continue to update the blog as well as Facebook and Twitter, so feel free to use whatever medium best suits your needs. I may even begin offering contests in the near future.

Also, I should note that most of my posts and articles are about beekeeping in general and not necessarily specific to Ontario. I simply live in Ontario and felt it appropriate to highlight this fact in the name of my blog. I hope to help beekeepers all over the world.

To find out more and to “Like” the page, please visit: www.facebook.com/BeekeepingInOntario