On Christmas morning, my wife gave me a collection of presents ranging in size from very small to quite large. The first wrapped gift that I opened was the smallest. It was a bag of nails.

“Sweet!” I thought. “Nails!”

The second gift was some weird shaped wood things. I wasn’t quite sure what they were but by now, I was figuring out that this group of Christmas presents was going to come together into something awesome. The third gift was finally something recognizable: The finger-jointed front, back and sides of a Langstroth bee hive! I opened the last gift to find a series of beeswax foundations. (I could smell them before the paper was even off). Also included, was a gift certificate to be used to purchase my bees in the spring.

I had previously expressed my interest and fascination with bees but I never expected Heather to purchase my first actual bee hive! I’m so excited for spring to come now. I have a lot of work and learning to do in the next few months before getting my bees.

Here’s a couple photos of my gifts. The first is the unassembled Langstroth deep box with other woodenware and the second is a close-up of the beeswax foundation that will hang in my frames within the hive.