Illustration provided by Kyle Steed and used under Creative Commons license.

Today — May 29 — has been declared the official “Day of the Honeybee” across much of Canada and the rest of the world. The province of British Columbia has declared this publicly, and other organizations and regions are also following suit.

Honeybees play a major role in pollination that we all rely on for a large portion of the food that we eat. As much as 40% of the food we put in our mouth is here because of the honeybee.

Even if you’re not a beekeeper, there are ways that you can celebrate the Day of the Honeybee and do your part for these tiny insects:

  • Plant some wild flowers in your garden. Bees need lots of wild flowers for nectar and pollen.
  • Buy honey and wax from a local beekeeper. Support the beekeepers that are working hard to help bees every day.
  • Go organic. Purchase foods that haven’t been treated with pesticides which can harm or kill honeybees.

How are you going to celebrate the Day of the Honeybee today?