Quirks and Quarks is one of my favourite radio shows on the CBC. Two years ago, host Bob McDonald interviewed Dr. Laurence Packer — bee researcher and author of the book called Keeping the Bees.

The 15-minute interview is quite compelling. It starts with a history of bees and the different types of bees throughout the world. Packer and McDonald then discuss Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) as well as the potential causes and effects of CCD on us as humans.

I also found it interesting that there is a type of bumble bee that is possibly extinct and hasn’t been seen in quite some time in South-Western Ontario.

This is a great episode of Quirks and Quarks and I hope that you give it a listen. Click the image below.

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If you would like to purchase Dr. Packer’s book, here is a link to purchase through Amazon:

Keeping the Bees
By: Laurence Packer
Published May 2011