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Only days after retrieving a swarm from a house in Kitchener, I was emailed by the principal of Lexington Public School in Waterloo. There was a swarm of bees hanging in a tree in the school yard. After work, my friend Mike and I went out to the school to retrieve them.

We used a standard deep Langstroth hive box with pieces of plywood on top and bottom to capture the bees. There was a 1¼” hole in the box to use as an entrance. After the bees were in the box, we left them until dusk with a big sign that said “Caution. Live bees. Do not disturb.” I also wrote my phone number in case anyone had any questions or concerns.

After nightfall, Mike picked up the box and transferred them to a new top bar hive, where they are now happily setting up their new home.

Swarms in your area?

If you have stumbled upon a swarm of honeybees in your neighbourhood, please contact me. I will do my best to help them find a safe home.

I have built my first ever bee hive box. This standard box (also known as a “deep” box or deep hive body) is what you normally see stacked in a standard Langstroth bee hive.

Assembling the pre-cut and pre-drilled pieces is fairly simple. The box joints push together and nails and glue hold everything tight. Metal frame rests are also added to protect the wood from repeated scraping with the hive tool. I have included a how-to video showing how to assemble the box.