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Beekeeper #1:

I was combining two colonies last week using a newspaper to separate them. I read this is a good way to combine two hives as they will eventually eat through it and become a single colony. However, they didn’t eat through the newspaper at all.

Beekeeper #2:

Perhaps you used the sports section and they were too busy reading it?

Beekeeper #1:

Maybe. But these are ladies we’re talking about!


From time to time, I will post facts about bees which are truly amazing. Here is one of those facts… When a queen dies, the hive makes a new one.

The queen bee controls and coordinates the entire hive using pheromones. If something happens to the queen and she dies prematurely, the entire hive of 50,000 bees will know that she has died because her pheromones will stop being produced. As soon as this happens, the hive will go into action and begin creating a new queen.

To create a new queen, the hive will choose a larvae that is no more than 3 days old and they will start feeding it Royal Jelly. By doing so, the female bee larvae will grow into a queen bee and take control of the hive when she emerges from her cell. Truly amazing.