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If you’re a beekeeper, you may notice that your bees bring in a rainbow of coloured pollen every day. When they store it in their cells as bee bread, you’ll see many different colours on the comb.

Pollen Chart Thumbnail

Have you ever wondered what flowers the bees are gathering this pollen from? Well thanks to the folks at Sheffield Beekeepers’ Association, you can now get a relatively good idea about what floral sources your bees are foraging from.

Check out the Interactive Pollen Chart over at the SBA web site. It’s a nifty little tool that gives you some idea of the different colours of pollen from many floral sources. You can even use the season toggle switches at the bottom of the screen to narrow down the seasonal forage.

Note: I realize that many of these flower sources are specific to the UK, but it was too cool not to share this.

As reported in the National Post, French beekeepers are finding brightly coloured honey in their hives. The source of the brown, blue and green honey was tracked down to a biogas plant nearby that was processing containers with residue from M&M candies.

I must admit, at first, I thought that this article was a hoax. It would only take a drop or two of food colouring to fake this story, however it is plausible if the bees were foraging in the area where these liquids were available.

The beekeepers are claiming that the honey is not sellable in this coloured state. I think that with a bit of a clever spin, this honey could probably be sold for more than regular honey. After all, what kid wouldn’t want some blue honey spread on their toast in the morning?

Read the original article here.