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Two weeks prior to making this video, I installed a box on my hive where every second frame was completely empty. (See post) Other than a small wax starter strip, the frames had absolutely no foundation. In two weeks, my busy ladies have created some beautiful, pristine, white comb. I started this as an experiment, and I believe this experiment was quite successful. Here’s my update video:


Today I started an experiment with foundationless frames in my Langstroth hive. Specifically, I have installed a third deep box on my hive and intentionally left every second frame mostly empty. The only foundation that exists is a very small strip of wax foundation that I added to the top of each frame which should guide the bees into drawing out comb completely on their own.

Here’s a short video of what the frames look like now, and I will post an update in a week or two when they are drawn out.