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Friends of mine were recently on their honeymoon and staying at The Peninsula hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. They sent me this awesome picture of a frame of honeycomb set up at the breakfast buffet. Can’t get more fresh than that!

Frame of honey at breakfast buffet

Full Honey Frame

This is the first frame of honey that I ever removed from my hive. Special thanks to the thousands of little ladies that have made this possible. Yum!

I wanted to share how I removed two frames of honey and transported them home, early last month.

If you have missed my previous videos, I have experimented quite successfully with using “foundationless” frames in my hive. These frames were drawn out and then filled completely by the bees with no guidance at all by me. Back in August, I decided to remove two of these foundationless frames and share the honey with friends and family.

Because I chose not to use a queen excluder in my hive, my queen was free to lay eggs wherever she pleased. There was actually quite a bit of brood in my 3rd deep super, so I took 2 frames from the far edges that were completely filled with capped honey. I also did not use a bee escape which is typically used to allow the bees to move out of an upper box into a lower box, leaving a bee-free box on top.

After setting the honey frames aside, I replaced them with fresh foundationless frames inside the hive. I then shook the bees towards the entrance of my hive and used a bee brush to gently brush off the few remaining bees. Lastly, I put the frames in an old nuc box and covered it with a lid. This allowed me to take the frames home without any bees attached.

A special thanks to Geoff and Hilary for accompanying me and helping me make this video.

Two weeks prior to making this video, I installed a box on my hive where every second frame was completely empty. (See post) Other than a small wax starter strip, the frames had absolutely no foundation. In two weeks, my busy ladies have created some beautiful, pristine, white comb. I started this as an experiment, and I believe this experiment was quite successful. Here’s my update video:


Today I started an experiment with foundationless frames in my Langstroth hive. Specifically, I have installed a third deep box on my hive and intentionally left every second frame mostly empty. The only foundation that exists is a very small strip of wax foundation that I added to the top of each frame which should guide the bees into drawing out comb completely on their own.

Here’s a short video of what the frames look like now, and I will post an update in a week or two when they are drawn out.