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Here’s an amazing BBC documentary for your weekend viewing pleasure. Jimmy Doherty is a pig farmer from Suffolk, UK. While he keeps his own bees at home, nothing quite prepares him for hunting honey from the world’s largest honeybees on the steep cliffs of Nepal.

I previously posted some images from the Honey Hunters of Nepal and it’s incredible to see the actual honey harvesting in video form. Enjoy.

I read an article today that gave details on the photos you see below. These photos were taken by French photographer, Eric Valli, documenting the lives of the men and women who descend giant cliffs to gather honey from the Himalayan honeybee. This type of honeybee (Apis Dorsata Laboriosa) is the largest honeybee in the world and┬ánests at altitudes between 2,500 and 3,000 m. You can see the giant size of the honeybee on the man’s face in the first photo.

If you’re at all interested in photography and find these photos as stunning as I do, you may be surprised to learn that these photos were taken in 1987! Valli received first prize for The Honey Hunters of Nepal that same year at World Press, a photojournalism contest established to create a link between professionals and the general public.

To see more photos from this series, please visit Eric Valli’s photo story on The Honey Hunters.