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Ontario Beekeepers' Association

If you keep bees in Ontario, please take a few moments (literally 20 seconds) to fill out the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association’s 2015 winter loss survey. This is a quick and easy way for the OBA to have an idea of how Ontario honeybees did this past winter.

You can find the survey at


A short video to show you an update on my bees. Yesterday was the first day that it was actually warm enough to inspect the hive, but when I got to the bee yard, it was too windy to do a thorough inspection. Nevertheless, the bees were out in full effect. This hive didn’t seem to have many foragers coming in, but many bees were circling the air in front of the hive. I believe they were doing orientation flights, as these may be new bees for 2013. (Fingers crossed).

I still won’t consider this a successful overwinter, until I’ve seen new brood with my own eyes. Can’t wait to get inside this hive.

The weather this past weekend was beautiful and I decided to check my hive. The temperature was supposedly around 10 degrees Celsius, but it felt a bit cooler than that. To play it safe, we did not open the hive more than just the outer (AKA telescoping) cover.

The good news is that as of March 30, 2013, I still have bees! (Although I don’t want to speak too soon.) I won’t yet consider this a successful “overwinter” until there is lots of forage available and I’ve seen the next generation of worker born and working.

The bees are still clustered at the top of the hive, and those that are making cleansing flights are doing so from the ventilation that I added in the fall, instead of the lower entrance. I guess that’s OK. I’m willing to bet they’ll return to the proper entrance once things pick up in a few weeks.