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I recently placed an internet order for some beekeeping supplies. I decided to order online rather than buying from a local beekeeping shop because the prices online were much cheaper, even after shipping.

I placed the order from for two jackets (with veils), a smoker and a bee brush. The complete order, after tax and shipping was $138.98. Here is an “unboxing” video of the package I received from BeeMaid:


I did miss one thing in the video that I wanted to note here. The smoker actually came with 3 “KwikStart” smoker pellets to use as samples. I don’t really know much about them, but the instructions say “Simply light with a flame, blow it out and watch the smoke roll.”

Beekeepers checking hive

Photo provided by James Morton and used under Creative Commons license.

Have you ever wondered why beekeepers wear white or light-coloured clothing? Is it to easily identify when a bee has landed on you? Is it to stay cool? Is easier to find stingers against white? Or perhaps, it’s simply a fashion trend?

The answer is actually quite simple. Bees have evolved to protect themselves from other animals that want their sweet honey. Most of these enemies are very dark in colour: bears, skunks, raccoons, etc. Bees, in turn, have grown to dislike big dark animals approaching their hive. By wearing white, a beekeeper can approach and open the hive without the bees becoming defensive.

Simply put: white clothing makes for a happier hive, which makes for fewer stings and a happier beekeeper!