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This goes to show that you can keep bees just about anywhere. Michael Leung is a product designer and rooftop beekeeper in Hong Kong. This is a short glimpse into his life. Tip: Watch for the subliminal honey comb at the end of the beginning sequence.

The top cover is a crucial component of any beehive. Often referred to as a “telescoping cover” because it extends past the main hive walls, it is this part that protects the bees and their comb from the elements like rain, snow, sleet and hail. It also allows the beekeeper to gain access to the hive for inspections.

In this video, I show you how to assemble a standard telescoping cover using a kit that includes four sides, a plywood top, and a metal cover. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments.


Today I will show you how to put together a bottom board for a Langstroth beehive. The bottom board sits beneath all the hive bodies. This particular bottom board is formed using four different panels, two side rails and a top and bottom cleat. The pieces are assembled using wood glue and nails. See my video below to follow along as I build the bottom board for my hive.


I have built my first ever bee hive box. This standard box (also known as a “deep” box or deep hive body) is what you normally see stacked in a standard Langstroth bee hive.

Assembling the pre-cut and pre-drilled pieces is fairly simple. The box joints push together and nails and glue hold everything tight. Metal frame rests are also added to protect the wood from repeated scraping with the hive tool. I have included a how-to video showing how to assemble the box.


My friend sent me an awesome beekeeping video this morning, so thought I’d share it here. Made by Hand creates films featuring things we collect, consume, use and share. Their latest video, called No 3 The Beekeeper features a backyard farmer and rooftop beekeeper named Megan Paska from Brooklyn, NY.