As reported today on, a recent study has shown that honeybees have distinct personalities and that not all bees are cut out for all jobs within the hive. This is not talking about the difference between male bees (Drones) and female bees (Workers), but rather the difference in personalities of individual females.

The research, published in the journal Science gives the example that only about 5% of the colony is cut out for being nest scouts. That means that out of approximately 50,000 bees, only 2,500 are the thrill-seeking bees that will venture out of the hive to scout out new locations to set up a hive. The researchers also published that there are differences in the brains of these thrill-seeking bees compared to the timid bees that would rather stay at home. The more adventurous bees’ brains are stimulated by these risk-taking activities.

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