A stick of beeswax next to baking panA friend sent me an article from theKitchn.com today about using beeswax instead of grease or butter on cookie sheets, baking pans, etc. when baking. I have never heard of this so just like the author of the original article, it was news to me.

The article also claims that over time, the bakeware will retain a natural coating of beeswax so that waxing won’t always be necessary.

I’m intrigued and interested in trying this or hearing other people’s experiences. We’re right in the middle of a heat wave in Ontario right now and I don’t have air conditioning, so there will be no indoor baking until the weather cools down. However once the temperatures are back in a sane range, I’ll be sure to try this trick.

Have you ever heard of baking with beeswax instead of a grease? Have you tried it yourself? Leave a comment below.