Last weekend we received over 30cm of snow in a single day. 48 hours after that, I decided I should probably go check on my hive to make sure it wasn’t buried. I was especially nervous after seeing Phillip’s hive buried after a Newfoundland Blizzard over at Mud Songs.

When I got to my hive, I could see that the entrance was in fact blocked with snow and ice. I then also noticed signs that bees had relieved themselves (somehow) out of my inner cover ventilation and down the side of the hive. This was probably because they had no way out of the entrance. Things didn’t look good.

I went around to the entrance and scooped away the snow and ice. Behind this, there was a layer of dead bees. I found a nearby twig and used it to scoop out some dead bees from the entrance and clear the way back out of the hive.

While I was doing this, I could hear a faint humming coming from my hive. I pressed my ear up against the boxes and sure enough, I could hear bees inside – alive and buzzing beautifully! It was literally music to my ears.

Of course, it’s only February and much too soon to consider this a successful overwinter, but things are looking sounding good! (Knock on wood).