Zombie Bee or Zombee

Photo by John Hafernik/SF State University

No, it’s not the title of a new B-Horror movie (Bee Movie?). Zombie bees are a real thing. A recent article from Scientific American explains how parasitizing flies — Apocephalus borealis — have been laying eggs in honeybees and turning them into zombies. The “zombified” bees then fly out of the hive at night with seemingly no destination. They end up dying and their bodies then release pupae that grow into adult flies.

The problem which was first noticed in honeybees earlier this year had only been known to infect bumble bees and paper wasps previously. The appearance of these parasitizing flies in honeybees came as quite a surprise and is thought to be a very new thing. Scientists are not sure how widespread the problem is so they have even set up a new web site to track zom-bees: zombeewatch.org.

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